Mauna Kea Technologies, World Premiere in Interventional Radiology: Tissue Ablation Monitored in Real-Time at Cellular Level

PARIS, December 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Interventional Radiology group at New Civil Hospital in Strasbourg reports series of first patients undergoing microscopic image guided tumor biopsies and ablations.

Mauna Kea Technologies (Euronext : MKEA, FR0010609263, PEA-PME eligible), inventor of Cellvizio®, the multidisciplinary confocal laser endomicroscopy platform, today reports at the world congress of Radiology, RSNA, in Chicago, IL, the results of the world first study using needle based Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy (nCLE) during Interventional Radiology procedures.

Professor Afshin Gangi, head of the Imaging Cluster at New Civil Hospital in Strasbourg, France, and his team performed percutaneous liver and kidney biopsies, and radiofrequency ablations guided at the microscopic level with nCLE images.

The team also revealed the first in vivo microscopic images monitoring the cryoablation on renal tumors and chemoembolization of liver tumors in real time.

According to Pr Gangi, this technique could be of great help to ensure better control of the completeness of ablation thus potentially reducing recurrence rates while preserving functional tissue. "For the first time, we are able to see in real time tissue reaction to a treatment thanks to nCLE technology. This significant breakthrough opens the possibility to monitor treatment in real time at the most relevant level, in order to spare vital tissue while ensuring completeness of treatment. During chemoembolization procedures the real-time visualization of the drug entering the tumor opens up new horizons towards potential improvement in cancer therapy" said Pr Gangi.

While heading toward personalized medicine, this innovating imaging modality provides crucial complementary information to full organ radiological images, on tumor microenvironment which is key to personalized treatment.

"This novel application complements our existing ones and validates the turn toward therapies guided at cellular level that the company has been taking" said Sacha Loiseau, CEO and founder of Mauna Kea Technologies, "We're very pleased to see how the work from Pr. Gangi that followed recent regulatory milestones announced earlier validates our strategy in the field of Interventional Radiology."

RSNA 2015 - Session "Interventional Series: Non-Vascular Interventions" - Thursday December 3rd, 2015 - Oral Presentation:

RC614-02 - Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy for Microscopic Characterization of Kidney and Liver Tumors during Ongoing in Vivo Percutaneous Biopsies and ex Vivo Cryoablation: Preliminary Results. Afshin Gangi, MD, PhD | Julien Garnon, MD | Georgia Tsoumakidou, MD | Jean Caudrelier, MD | Pramod P. Rao, MBBS, DMRD | Herve Lang | Iulian Enescu | Guillaume Koch, MD, MSc | Veronique Lindner SR, MD

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